Pete Lamberto (Danish/Filipino, b. 1980) 

Photographer / Curator

Originally with a background in the film- and fashion industry, Lamberto returned to photography in 2008. He has since been exhibiting in galleries and art festivals in Denmark, Germany and Poland, and published in renowned magazines and blogs such as Vangardist Magazine, KaltBlut Magazine, Ignant and If You Leave. 

​"My work is often emotionally charged and laced with my obsession of melancholy; an obsession that is always sewn into the photographs, somewhere. This aesthetic is something that has followed me since a very early age, due to a very introverted personality. I'm not sure if I will ever escape it, nor am I certain I want to, as this for some strange reason has kept my head above waters."

x Lamberto.


PHOTOGRAPHIC / CURATORIAL CV (selected projects)

  • September 2017 Slowroom Contemporary / curator for the exhibition ‘NUDE’
  • August 2017 Fashion Designer Nikolaj Storm’s ANTI Collection
  • August 2017 Slowroom Contemporary / curator for the exhibition ‘QUEER’
  • August 2017 Slowroom Contemporary / curator for the exhibition ‘SLOW’
  • October 2016 Photography series ‘Our Love Will Come Back / Pt. 2’ published in KaltBlut Magazine
  • October 2016 Photography series ‘Our Love Will Come Back / Pt. 1’ published in Vangardist Magazine + Interview
  • March 2016 SPACE Collective / Pop up exhibition 'BLCK / WHT'
  • November 2015 Press shoot for BORNELAND
  • November 2015 SPACE Collective Group show (DK)
  • June 2015 Homeless Gallery / Cph Format (DK)
  • May 2015 Gallery Hjorth / Exhibiting with excerpts from the 'Goodbye, Sara' photography series. (DK)
  • September 2015 Group show MannerKultur / Dencker & Schneider (DE)
  • March 2015 Showcase/spread i The Advocate Magazine (US)
  • September 2014 Group show på Galleri Hjorth (DK)
  • March 2014 Solo exhibition at Vess Showroom (DK)
  • April 2014 Group Exhibition PROCESS (DE)
  • June 2013 Showcase in XNOTDEAD Zine (FR)
  • May 2013 Showcase i HomoLudens Contemporary Art Festival (PL)
  • June 2010 Copenhagen Photo Festival 2010 (DK)

FILMS / COMMERCIALS (selected projects)
Functions: coordinator, stylist and co-producer.

  • Commercial: Schweppes Lemon
  • Short: Fucking 14 (Instr. Christina Rosendahl)
  • Film: Monsterjægerne (Instr. Martin Schmidt)
  • Short: Lille Mand (Instr. Esben Tønnesen)
  • Short: Gaden (Instr. Johan Knattrup Jensen)
  • Filmilm: The Grind (Instr. Rishi Opel)
  • Short: NEEL (Instr. Jeanette Nordahl)
  • Short: The Matjulskis (Instr. Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen)
  • Short: Farveløse Verden (Instr. Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard)
  • Trailer: Buster Film Festivals Trailer 2002


  • Short: Winter (Instr. Johan Knattrup Jensen/ 2008)

FASHION SHOWS (selected)

  • Fashion Weekend / Brussel 2006
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week 2003
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week 2004
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week 2005


  • Board Member of FSK / Copenhagen
  • Summer Seminar ‘The Curatorial Thing’ / Sixty Eight Art Institute
  • Den Fri Ungdomsuddannelse (DK)
  • KTS / Photography (DK)
  • Makeup Artist / Kgs. Nytorv (DK)
  • Intern/Assistent for producer Trine Gall (DK)
  • Assistent for fashion designer Edeline Lee (UK)